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Archery Show Displays organised by the Royal Golden Eagle Archers, we run shows throughout the year, see our Events page for details.

We perform at castles, manor houses, charity events and wherever a crowd needs entertaining.

We also do indoor stunts for banquets and corporate events. We have entertained crowds of up to 6,500 people depending on the size of the arena. Minimum working area is 20 yards x 100 yards but we need an arrow drop zone for safety i.e. NOTHING behind the targets. We are available for television and film work. We have worked in the film 'First Knight', shooting stunt fire arrows for Richard Gere and acting as King Arthur's bodyguards for the stars Sean Connery and Julia Ormond. For more details please see the Shows page. Please contact our Show Director and Archery Co-ordinator Rogers Summers. A leaflet is available on request.

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Demonstrations start from £200.
Displays and Shows start from £500 (depending on location).

We are covered for public liability for £5 million and a risk assessment is available if necessary.

See the video and commemorative book

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Mick and Jan Cassey

Mick and Jan Casey
Mick you will always be missed in the shows
and be forever in our memories

In memory of Bob Hanley who will be sadly missed

Bob Hanley
In memory of Bob Hanley who died on the 3rd January 2018.
He will be sadly missed and forever in our memories


The Royal Golden Eagle Medieval Archers and Knights, Guardians of the Longbow

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